Top Air Purifier (ACL-V16)

The Top Air Purifier (ACL-V16) has the most affordable rental of RM80 per month for a large air coverage of 568 square feet.  Making an ideal choice for those who want to also rent a water purifier.  Its’ slim modern design makes it appropriate on most background of homes and offices.

Rental [RM80/month] [RM90/month w/timer]
  • Rental period: 36 months 
  • Twice a year service (including membrane replacement)
  • Free 3-year service 
Purchase [RM1900]
  • Free service for one year
  • Adding AFV Time for RM250
  • For follow up services and membrane replacement after one year; there will be a RM35/month membership.


Limited Promo of RM74/month for 5 years rental!








A Certified Carbon Footprint Air Purifier

Touch Free

A.I system controls air purification levels

4 Smart Sensors

Fine particle, Gas, Temperature & Humidity

Compact and Minimalist

Slim design that will fit in any room

Slim Tower Design

Only 37cm width size for space efficiency and stability.

Convenient Use

Clear LED Display

Hidden Moving Wheels

Aesthetically hidden moving wheels for convenience and style

Intuitive Display

Dimming lights that allows you to differ air quality clearly from a distance (Blue = Good, Green = Moderate, Orange = Bad and Red = Very Bad)

Iot Smart App

Get the app to monitor air quality

Smart Sensors

Fine Particle Laser Sensor

Detects fine dust movement 


Air Quality Sensor

Displays air concentration levels with Blue/Green/Orange/Red colors. Alarms when red continues over 10 minutes


Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Displays current temperature and humidty through LED light dots


PIR (Infrared) Sensor

Passive Infrared Detector picks up direction of air particle source


Low Noise Performance

Minimal noise allows you to enjoy purified air without excess noise in the background. No distraction while you’re sleeping, working or studying

Awards and Certification

Best Consumer Award by South Koreans for 2017 and 2018

Awarded for 2 consecutive years in the health care category

Awarded the 'Carbon trust' for low carbon impact

A certification by the UK government to certify that a product has low CO2 emissions that may impact the environemnt

Air Filters

Pre-filter (Washable)

Removes large dusts and hair.

Dust Filter (4 months)

Improves removing performance by filtering small to medium size dusts.

Deodorizing Filter (12 months)

Removes bad odor, formaldehyde and 
bad air from newly constructed buildings
(sick building syndrome or SBS) and other volatile organic compounds (VOC)

HEPA filter (12 months)

Removes dust particles (PM2.5/1.0)
as well as pollen, pet dander, 
mold spores below PM0.3.


COVERAGE568 sqft
POWER SUPPLYAC 220~240V / 50Hz
DIMENSION (MM)W370 x D370 x H754