Tankless Water Purifier Malaysia

  The SK Magic JIKSOO concept is a true tankless water purifier with all the necessary hot,cold and warm temperatures designed to cater for the family’s need in mind in Malaysia. 

 Why Tanks are the Worst Choice to Store Water

The problem with traditional water tanks is that when water remains stagnant or there is an absence of flow; sediments or bacteria filled bio-films  and algae (i.e Legionella) will grow at the bottom and on the tank walls. 

It’s just how bacteria growth will naturally occur even in a closed environment. It does not matter whether it’s reverse osmosis water or mineral water. When water is stagnant, bacteria will thrive.

 Even when water that has been sterilized with chlorine, the chlorine will dissipate after some time which then bacteria will start to permeate. This is especially true for water purifiers because the carbon will filter will remove the chlorine for better tasting water. The removal of chlorine allows bacteria to gradually grow after some time.

Even when water tanks are needed, a UV light (UV-C wave) must be used to sterilize any potential bacteria.


While these dirty water purifier pictures are a more severe case of lack of cleaning. It does demonstrate the amount of sediment and bacteria that can build up over time.

What about Condos or Houses that use Water Tanks?

The same problem occurs unfortunately. That’s why homeowners and condo maintenance need to periodically clean the tanks of built up sediments and bio-films. Otherwise your toilets, kitchen and other hand wash area will have ‘brown’ water coming out.

On a side note. It is advisable to let water flow out from all your water taps and shower heads before using; if you are away for a few days or more. Especially during vacations.

What about Water Consortium that cleans the water?

While the water that is cleaned by local water consortium is above World Health Organization (W.H.O) standards. Once it enters the piping system and into storage, it can become possibly contaminated once again. There is also built up of sediments along the old piping before water enters your home.

THE SOLUTION. A Water Purifier Without Storage Tank :JIKSOO

The solution is to completely remove the water tank design and replace it Stainless Steel Waterway that will directly dispense the water without any storage. Using Sediment, Carbon and Nanotech filters to remove sediments and possible bacteria before dispensing it. This keeps bacteria growth to an absolute minimum. A water purifier without storage tank is the cleanest possible water to have. The JIKSOO concept does not sacrifice hot and cold water and you can get up to 7 temperatures!

How Do You Benefit from SK Magic’s JIKSOO Design?

What makes SK Magic’s JIKSOO Hyper, Truly a Tankless Water Purifier?
It works by using Stainless Steel Waterway that heats or cools water before dispensing. This removes any traditional bulky water tanks that stores water. And the best part? You get a total of 7 temperatures!

What is the great benefit of removing old tank designs?
Smaller footprint. This allows a width size of only 17cm. That’s as wide as a pen length! This will definitely fit on any small kitchen countetop or island tables. No more bulky looking water dispensers and more space for other appliances.

Concerned about reheating water or limited temperature?
Well, no more worries for that as JIK.SOO Hyper, Rapi and Rich uses instant heating for warm, tea and hot temperatures. No need for water storage at all! And you get up to 7 temperatures!

How hygiene is it?
JIK.SOO tankless type water purifier ensures that potential bacteria growth is extremely small unlike normal tanks (especially some brands that still use plastic). That’s because a moist environment in the tank increases the chance of bacterial growth.



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