SK Magic Promotion

 Get the latest updates in SK Magic promotion for water and air purifiers. Enjoy 3 years, 5 years or 7 years rental plan, or outright purchases depending on current promotion.

JIKSOO Rapi Flash Deal  (limited to 1000 units and 26/4/21)

RM80/month for 7 years rental

30 Days Free Trial Rental (until 26/4/21)

For the models JIKSOO Hyper, JIKSOO Rich and Air Motion. You have a free 30 days trial period; no obligation. Upon completion of trial period, you can get a free 3 months rental (new users) or free 6 months rental (current customers).
Purchase plan gives an additional free 1 year service for new users and 2 years for current customers.

Outright Purchase Promo (until 25/6/21)

Get an additional 1 year service for outright purchase plans for these models:
JIKSOO Rapi, JIKSOO Mini, WIZ models, Top, Twin and Shine.

7 Years Rental Promo (limited until 25/06/2021)

WIZ-C: RM65/month (7 years rental)
TOP: RM60/month (7 years rental)
COMBO WIZ-C + TOP: RM110/month (7 years Rental)

FREE Tea Faucet for WIZ-C (7 years rental)


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