Motion Air Purifier (ACL-140)

The Motion Air Purifier (ACL-140M) has multiple extra functions compared to the Top model that makes it an nice addition to an office space, cafe and home. The modern sleek design allows it be to fit on any background without the industrial or bulky look to it.  Built-in motion sensor allows it to detect human movement and divert purified air towards. 3 step air purifying detection depending on air quality.  WiFi connection allows user to prep Motion before arriving home. 3 side air suction increases air purification rate. It cover 497 square feet

Rental [RM110/month]
  • Use period: 60 months (mandatory use period of 36 months)
  • After 36 months, there is no penalty fee
  • Free filter replaceent every 4 months
  • Free 5-year service 
Purchase [RM3400]
  • Free service for one year
  • For follow up services and parts replacement after one year; there will be a RM60/month membership.


365 days of Smart Motion Air Purifier Care


3 sided air suction and smart motion detector


6 air smart sensors and A.I purifying tech


4 stage filter system with Ionizer function

Smart Motion Detection

Focused air purification motion detection and smart sensors


Detect dusts in the air and motion from people


Rotates towards direction of dust and top pops up


Suction on 3 sides and purifies dust around area and users


Delivers purified air in all directions

3 Side Simultaneous Air Suction

Air suctions from 3 three sides to enhance air purification

Front Concentration Mode

At level 3 pop up, concentrated air pushed through the center for quicker air purification

3 Level Pop-up

3 levels of purification depending on air quality

Pop-up Level 1

Smart sensor is activated,
Purified air flows out
from the top, back, right and left.

Pop-up Level 2

When red light is on (very bad), clean air flows out on all direction (top, front & back, right & left).

Pop-up Level 3

With ‘Front Focus’ mode turned on, concentrated air is blown forward.

Convenient Use

Hidden Moving Wheels

Neatly hidden wheels while allowing ease of movement

Air Quality Light Display

Blue (Good)/Green (Fair) /Orange (Bad) /Red (Very Bad), 4 colors display the air quality

Intuitive Display

LED light displays time, air quality (Particulate Matter; PM) and temperature / humidity.

Iot Smart App

Get the app to monitor air quality

Smart Sensors

Fine Particle Laser Sensor

Detects fine dust movement 


Air Quality Sensor

Displays air concentration levels with Blue/Green/Orange/Red colors. Alarms when red continues over 10 minutes


Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Displays current temperature and humidty through LED light dots


PIR (Infrared) Sensor

Passive Infrared Detector picks up direction of air particle source



Ionizer releases negative ions to attach to dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens. Causing them to be dense fall to the ground and becoming dust


Ionizer releases negative ions to attach to dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens. Causing them to be dense fall to the ground and becoming dust

Pre-filter (Washable)

Removes large dusts and hair.

Dust Filter (4 months)

Improves removing performance by filtering small to medium size dusts.

Deodorizing Filter (12 months)

Removes bad odor, formaldehyde and 
bad air from newly constructed buildings
(sick building syndrome or SBS) and other volatile organic compounds (VOC)

HEPA filter (12 months)

Removes dust particles (PM2.5/1.0)
as well as pollen, pet dander, 
mold spores below PM0.3.


COVERAGE 497 sqft
SENSOR Fine particle laser sensor, temperature & humidity sensor/ gas sensor/ 3 PIR sensors
POWER SUPPLY AC 220~240V / 50Hz
DIMENSION (MM) W360 x D360 x H805

Need a larger space air purification? Look for Twin model.