SK Magic JIK.SOO Hyper (WPU-A700D)

The SK Magic JIK.SOO Hyper (WPU-A700D) is an all-in-one hot,cold and ambient; tankless water purifier. It’s warm temperature can be made in three settings, which makes it excellent for baby milk powders without damaging any nutritional contents.

The tab’s height can be adjusted to accomodate different cups and and bottle sizes. Stainless steel piping and tank-less system, along with UV light allows clean, hot/cold water to dispense. Only a the size of a pen, it will fit on any small kitchen or pantry countertop.

Rental [RM120/month]
  • Use period: 60 months (mandatory use period of 36 months)
  • After 36 months, there is no penalty fee
  • Free replacement of water tab and piping every 12 months
  • Free 5 years of service and maintenance
Purchase [RM3600]
  • Free service for one year
  • For follow up services and parts replacement after one year; there will be a RM60/month membership.


Enjoy JIK.SOO Hyper, the purest water in any temperature


Never stagnant. Clean, Pure and Full of Minerals. No need for tanks; compact design

UV Safe Care

Self sterilization. Always keep the tap and nozzle to eliminate bacteria.

Baby Formula Temperature

Get the ideal baby bottle temperature at your immediate convenience. No second guessing temperature. 3 settings for you to choose.


Child Lock Feature

Your children’s safety is our concern too. This function prevents them from touching especially the hot temp. button.

JIK.SOO in Hot, Cold and Warm

Multiple temperatures at the convenient touch of a button

UV Safe-Care

The water tab UV light eliminates 99% of microbes for a contamination free mineral water.

304 Stainless Steel Waterway

Forget plastic! Stainless steel is the way to go. This allows for instant heating and cooling.

Convenience at a Touch

Multiple Warm and Hot Temperature

For Infants (45°C, 50°C, and 55°C)
3 comfortable temperatures for your baby formula.

Tea (70°C)
Ideal for teabags 

High Temp (90°C)
The best temperature for your instant noodles and coffee


Smart Water Dispensing

You can choose 120ml, 250ml, 550ml and 1 liter to dispenser. Whether it’s a cup or bottle, JIKSOO Rapi can accomadate


Child Safety Button

Located at a lower part of the dispenser. It’s an easy access for children who wants to drink BUT with no access to hot water. Only cold and ambient temperature.


Adjustable Tab Height

Need to fill up a jar? Not a problem. The adjustable tab allows cups to bottles to be filled with ease


POWER CONSUMPTION2400W – Hot (only when Hot function is used)
COOLING SYSTEMCompressor heat exchange
TAB1 Tab for Ambient, Cold and Hot
POWER SUPPLYAC 220~240V / 50Hz
DIMENSION (MM)W170 X D490 X H390

Need something even more smaller or looking for just ambient water? Look for JIK.SOO Mini model

Limited Promo of RM95/month for 5 years rental!