SK Magic Malaysia


A Strong Company that Supports You

SK Group is a Fortune 500 company that constantly invest in research and development. They have the best tech and staff who will look after every product you purchase or rent.

Value for Money with the Latest Tech

Any air or water purifier you get has been fitted with the latest tech and priced well that will beat other brands out there. You get the best products with an affordable price.

Always In Trend

Products that you get will always flow with the latest tech trend in Korea. You will never get outdated products. 

JIKSOO Concept. The Cleanest Water You Can Get!

JIKSOO in Korean means ‘non stagnant, clean, pure and full of minerals‘. Why JIKSOO? It does not store water and therefore greatly reduces the risk of bio-film and bacteria growth! UV light is also used to increase hygiene by sterilizing any potential bacteria.

About SK Magic and SK Group

SK Magic is a subsidiary of SK Group that was established in 1985, as a home appliance sector. It became the first company to produce gas ovens in Korea. SK Group is a Fortune 500 company that is involved in oil and gas, telecommunications, real estate, trading and logistics. SK Magic purchased Tong Yang Magic in 2017.

Over the years SK Magic has garnered several awards (IDEA Design, Red Dot Design, IF Design) for its achievement in product development for the kitchen and home appliance sector.  It has imported to over 60 countries with an estimated revenue of USD 70 million.

Now in Malaysia, SK Magic wants to bring the very best and advanced water and air purifier, and other products to every home in the country. With the best products and supporting after sales service, SK Magic has a goal to deliver above and beyond to its customers.

SK Magic’s innovative water purifier won The Brand Laureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2018-2019 in Consumer – Water Purifier category

JIK.SOO. Never Stagnant. Clean, Pure and Full of Minerals

Big Space. Clean Air

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